Before Baby

First Trimester & 12 week scan

So if you’re not familiar with pregnancy stages and scans, a pregnancy (at least here in the UK) is split into three. A pregnancy is usually up to 42 weeks in length depending on when your baby arrives. Each ‘trimester’ is usually determined by a 12-14 week period from conception. Every trimester is very different for the mother and baby.

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Before Baby

Getting Pregnant

Once we’d decided to try for a baby or at least would like to start trying very soon the very first thing I looked into was coming off my contraceptive pill.Like a lot of women I had been on the pill since I was in secondary school from about 16 years old. I had tried several different ones in that time but used Cerazette for probably the last 4 years. Being on this particular pill meant I had to take one pill everyday and didn’t experience periods at all. So it was unclear when I was likely to be fertile.

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