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Cream tea & Devon by the sea

Last Sunday we’d just returned from a lovely family break to Devon and Cornwall. We were lucky enough to be invited to a wedding in Ilfracombe so it seemed like the perfect excuse to visit the in-laws in Devon and enjoy a few extra days all together.

IMG_8433Leaving on a Tuesday morning seemed to help our journey time as there was little to no traffic and we arrived in just under three and half hours. We were staying two nights with Lola’s grandparents in Holsworthy which is about twenty minutes from Bude. The weather forecast for this trip wasn’t looking great. It was due to be cloudy and mild at best with frequent showers. Typically every time I seem to visit Devon it’s always grey and rainy so I wasn’t too surprised. We’d packed for every eventuality in case we experienced a bout of glorious sunshine or more likely a freak storm.IMG_8434

We unloaded the car and settled into the bungalow, after a spot of lunch it was time to stretch our legs and get some air. We ventured into Holsworthy for a few drinks and a catch up. Sure enough the rain started and we darted back home when we could where we relaxed and had a lovely dinner. Lola was exhausted (as were we); after an obscene amount of cheese and biscuits were consumed we went to bed.

Wednesday was predicted with showers in the late afternoon so we headed out first thing and made the most of the day. We parked up at the Crooklets beach in Bude and grabbed a coffee  whilst Lola napped. The beach was very windy and un-inviting, we definitely wouldn’t be pitching up a tent and building sandcastles. We went for a stroll around the town, there’s lots of cute independent shops, cafes and galleries. After purchasing some local cheese for tonight’s dessert we headed back to the beach for lunch.



We ate at Rosie’s Kitchen which was so lovely. This place is extremely baby/child friendly and very good value for money. The portion size is slightly ridiculous but after a long walk I was starving.

The rain descended just before 3pm and continued for the rest of the day and night. After returning back to the bungalow we di sneak off to the local pub (5 minute walk) but were soaked on return. We indulged in cheese and biscuits again as the lunch was truly too big to justify an actual dinner. Who ever said cheese was bad for you is a liar!

Actually…. yes. No more cheese for me. Thursday I awoke from my cheesy coma to discover it hadn’t stopped raining all night. The weather was pretty horrendous. Today we were driving from Holsworthy to Ilfracombe (about 90mins) we couldn’t check in until 2pm so we drove to the marina and prayed for brighter skies.



Lola shared some traditional cream tea with us for lunch at Adeles Cafe which she definitely enjoyed (still unsure on spreading the cream or jam first…). After stopping in a pub to shelter from another rain shower, we drove up to our Airbnb cottage.


Colleybridge cottage is the cutest place we’ve ever stayed in. The grounds of the cottage are breathtaking and it truly does have a warm and cosy feel. Check this place out if your staying in the Ilfracombe/Woolacombe area.

No cheese and biscuits were consumed that evening as a precautionary measure.IMG_8440

Friday was the day of our friends wedding. I won’t go into too much detail but the venue was beautiful and a lot of drink and good food was had by all. We were lucky to have the grandparents with us; so we were able to enjoy yourselves late until the next morning.

Saturday/post wedding day I felt good. I IMG_8323being the sensible mother didn’t drink too much as the hangovers just aren’t worth it these days. Hubby didn’t follow this advice but all was not lost. We bundled into the car and drove to Combe Martin for a few hours. Luckily the grandparents know a lot of places and things to do around Devon and Cornwall. 

Combe Martin is a very small village on the seafront with a beautiful cove. We enjoyed a short stroll and a drink whilst Lola napped in the pram. For a brief hour or so there was sunshine and life was good. Me and Grandad took Lola down on the beach before heading into the local pub/hotel The Focsle Inn for lunch.


We had a great spot right by the seafront and the lunch was IMG_8333very good. Lola shared some of my fish and chips and soon enough she was covered in food. After eating we drove back for our last evening in the cottage. What better way to celebrate than with cheese and biscuits. We were leaving early the next day so Saturday evening I packed away and organised as much as possible before giving Lola a bath in the gorgeous bathtub. 

We had a lovely few days spending time with Lola’s grandparents, attending a wedding and enjoying the delights of Devon and Cornwall. If only the weather had be kinder we could really have made the most of each day. Sadly it was time to pack up the car and say goodbye. 


We would like to say a massive thank you to Airbnb and Claire at Colleybridge cottage for having us stay. If you’re thinking of booking a trip somewhere don’t forget to check out Airbnb as they’re far better than any hotel or complex and usually much better value for money.



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