Baby & Me

Five Years Married

June 3rd 2012 

Seems crazy that our wedding day was five years ago. I can still remember clearly how I felt that morning and how I liked to swoosh around in my dress.

Time has flown by! But I’ve loved every second of married life. Cliche as it sounds, Dan is my best friend and I couldn’t live without him.

I could use this blog post to offer advice and ‘tips on a happy marriage’ but I can’t. We don’t really have a technique or rule to keeping a happy marriage. It just happens naturally. In general we Live, Love and Laugh as much as possible.

Its almost becoming quite rare for someone at 28 to have been married for this length of time. Thinking about it I could count the amount of close married friends on one hand. I blame the wedding industry. It’s ridiculously expensive to get married these days.

Myself and Dan have celebrated previous anniversaries with a trip away or being somewhere different by way of an adventure but this year is different. Our daughter Lola has changed our lives in ways I can’t begin to describe. So of course this year; our 5 years, she can help us celebrate. Yes there won’t be as many drinks and Yes maybe we will be in bed before 10pm but it’s a celebration nonetheless.

Traditionally 5 years married is Wood. I have absolutely no idea what that means or why these traditions even exist but if Dan fancies picking up a stick on the walk back from town or buying me a new chopping board then that suits me fine. For those who don’t know us, we live very simple lives. We don’t really do gifts or grand gestures, material things just aren’t really for us. Of course I love an occasional present and I’m not denying there has been times Dan has come home with a cheeky chocolate bar or treat but if you’re a modern couple like us then you’ll appreciate there’s more to life than gifts.

Anniversaries for us are important, time to remember, cherish and celebrate. 

Cheers 🥂to five years Bubs x 



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