Baby & Me

Splashing Around

The weather in the UK is beautiful at the moment so I’m definitely going to take full advantage whilst on maternity leave. 

It’s hard to know what to do during a heat wave with a baby. It was 26 degrees today! that’s hot!

You want to make the most of the glorious weather and drink in all that vitamin D but you have to be careful. I was strolling round Asda the other week (Like I do every week) and saw a few garden bits down the seasonal aisle. Usually I’d think that they were a waste of money, but honestly there were so many baby friendly toys and garden products at reasonable prices. I was tempted by the ball pit but have stuck to just the baby pool…for now. 

The baby pool has been perfect for today’s weather and will definitely be utilised over the bank holiday weekend. Basically as long as the suns shining we’ll be splashing around in there. 

I’d highly recommend picking one of these pools up as it comes with a shade cover, it’s so easy to put up and uses only a minimal amount of water. 


Of course it’s worth pointing out that although all this sun loving and splashing is fun, babies need extra care and attention on days like today. I’m talking a bucket load of sun protection, hat (if it will stay on), light clothing (or nothing at all…), a cool drink at the ready and as much shade as possible.

I’ve always loved a bit of sunshine so it’s great that I can enjoy beautiful sunny days like this with my Lola (oh and Grandma too).

Cheers to a glorious bank holiday weekend!


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