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Aptamil vs Aldi

Just a quick blog post but worth shouting about to hopefully advise other parents out there of our recent revelation in Baby formula.

So until Lola was eight months old she had only ever been given Aptamil (Breastmilk substitute/original). This was chosen as it was readily available at local shops to us and came recommended by my sister who has worked in nurseries and with babies previously. If I’m honest there’s quite a few different brands and options with formula milk but they all seem to be around the Β£10 mark so unless you’re going to use a supermarkets own brand then there’s not really any saving to be had.

Aptamil milk

Aptamil are a very popular and successful brand and sell so many great products. When Lola was first born we used the starter pack with tiny pre-made bottles with special teats – these were a life saver when struggling with breastfeeding during the IMG_7814early stages. We also used the 200ml bottles for when we were out and about which worked so well. Using these products definitely helped us to cope with feeding on-the-go and gently introduced us into the bottle feeding without too much effort. Of course these pre-made bottles are expensive and only prolongs the inevitable formula making/sterilising saga.

From about a month old we’ve used the Breastmilk substitute milk and it’s worked amazingly. Aptamil also sell specialist IMG_7816milks for anti-reflux, hungry baby, colic and constipation as well as Lactose free. They also sell porridge, cereal and baby rice alone pre-mixed with milk which was ideal when we started weaning.

We had absolutely no problems with Aptamil and became a slave to those blue tubs if I’m honest. Every week a new box would sit in my trolley without even thinking. Stupidly I never actually thought to try another milk or brand. I mean with most products you buy nowadays you’ll always go for something on offer or maybe try something new? I guess I was scared to mess around with the milk Lola was used to and happy with especially when this was her only source of food and nutrition.

Mamia Milk

I’m a lover of Aldi supermarket and my family are Aldi addicts. I was going about my weekly food shop a few months back and noticed their own brand of baby formula. Now whether this has been on sale for a while and is just news to me I’m not sure…but IMG_7818at almost half the price it’s not to be sniffed at! But do I dare go against our beloved Aptamil?

Being stubborn and cautious I denied an opportunity to save money and carried on with Aptamil for another month or so. It wasn’t until one of my ‘Mummy friends’ (Yes I have Mummy friends now, so what?!) mentioned they’d tried it and had no issues. It got me thinking…Lola was now eight months old and only having two IMG_7819milk bottles a day….could I get away with changing the brand?

So I did it. That week I purchased a tub of Mamia infant milk and boy was I feeling happy with myself. It’s almost half the price!!! Looking through the ingredients and contents there’s no real difference. The transition from Aptamil to Aldi’s own worked fine, Lola still drank the same amounts and showed no signs of sickness or irritation. The ONLY difference we noticed was the milk does seem to clump up differently when first pouring the powder into the hot water (not worse just different) and the spoon/measuring device isn’t as easy to use (probably just a personal preference though as we were used to the other one).


Of course do your research and only try out Mamia or any other infant milk if your baby is currently happy and sleeping well. As any change to their milk could possibly disturb this.

Overall we are loving Aldi’s Mamia milk and be continuing to purchase this at almost a fiver cheaper. Quids in!


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