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Fun on the farm

Easter Sunday is an odd one. A lot of places are closed and with the kids off school everywhere that is open is heaving. The weather had been pretty unpredictable over Easter bank holiday this year however we thought we’d try our luck and venture out to Bucklebury anyway.

I remember coming here as kids and the farm always seemed so far away but it’s only about a thirty minute drive from Reading. We took a packed lunch for all of us today (Lucky as the BBQ on site was £4.50 for a very average looking burger). On entry it was about £10 per adult and free for Lola, animal feed and tractor rides can also be purchased as an extra.

IMG_7757Once we’d made it through the cafe/shop entrance the first area you encounter is the huge playground which features a castle (I have fond memories of playing here in particular). We headed straight for the swings and baby friendly options. Lola loves the swings but slides are still an issue…it’s a working progress. After mucking around we went to check out the Tractor station and nature trail.


You can also pay for a ride around the deer park, this tractor tour is available a few times throughout the day but sadly we missed an opportunity to try this one out. This has been a feature at the farm since I was little and I’d always remembered it as extremely bumpy so maybe best Lola didn’t ride this one just yet. 

In the centre of Bucklebury farm there’s a vast lawn area where you can picnic and the kids can run around. There’s an adventure and climbing section for older children, a bouncy floor mat, lots of nature trails and walk ways. Plenty to do especially on a warm and dry day.

There’s a Play-Bus on site and soft play area with slide near the cafe. There’s even a sandpit so kids of all ages should be able to find something to enjoy.

Everywhere you go there are hand washing stations and you’re encouraged to keep as clean as possible as you make your way around the different animal locations. The farm itself is behind the main entrance and is easy to navigate yourself around to each pen so you don’t miss any animals. 

There’s a great selection of animals to see and most get up close enough to be fed and stroked (just be weary of the crazy peacock). At certain times of the day the farm were offering a chance to feed the lambs as well. Adorable!


The farm/park was very enjoyable and we will definitely be coming back again in the summer. The only downside I would say is the toilets were cold and dark but otherwise adequate. The cafe is also on the expensive side (like with most places nowadays) and the farm shop is awkwardly squeezed just by the entrance so could easily be missed. With all the amazing animals I was surprised that there wasn’t a lovely gift shop with cuddly toys and all the usual rubbish you see at any child friendly establishment, not that I minded of course but definitely think they’re missing a trick. Overall we loved Bucklebury farm but it could definitely do with a little modernisation.


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