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LUSH store re-opens in Reading

If you’ve shopped in the Oracle in Reading before you’ve probably experienced a Lush attack. Maybe you were overwhelmed or maybe you completely ignored the symptoms. It will either have occurred on entry or exit of the shopping centre near the escalator. An over-powering aroma of sweet, fruity and deliciousness. A smell that awakens your senses and an unstoppable urge to bathe or shower yourself like you never have before.

Lets be honest the store was in a terrible location until recently so some of these Lush attacks probably went untreated. For those people that walked straight past this little cosmetic heaven and have no idea what I’m talking about: Lush Ltd is a very popular skin care company that started over twenty years ago; selling extremely good products that are vegetarian and free from animal testing. They’re also celebrated for their brilliance in supporting charities and offering unique and well-made items to a modern market that faces fierce competition. img_7796

All Lush products are carefully labelled and tested to be able to advise customers accurately of what ingredients are used, what should be expected from their use and are ideal for anyone with any skin irritations or conditions. Honestly if you’ve never visited a Lush store you’re a fool. This place inspires you to be a little more adventurous with your skin care routine and have fun with a new scent or perhaps even some glitter. The staff are readily available to recommend items, talk through any questions you might have and even demonstrate how products work. 

Now that Lush occupies a larger space in the Oracle (The previous store just could not do it justice) you can really explore all that’s on offer. 


I went to visit the new store on opening day and the place was buzzing. It was so great to see this in my hometown. Until now I had always ventured to London to check out Lush properly. The shop has been fitted out extremely well and features every different product perfectly. The displays are very cute and it’s easy to fill up a basket of bath bombs before you’ve even seen the treatment area.

Whilst I was there I purchased two bath bombs which I hadn’t used before. ‘Over and Over‘ which is a New product and ‘Big Blue‘ a best seller; both were recommended to me as hydrating and moisturising. I cannot describe how good these smell and I’m just so excited to use them. 

The new Lush store in Reading is truly beautiful and as a mummy with a buggy I’m so so happpy that I can now whizz around with no problems and take in all the sights and smells without getting in people’s way. The only dilemma I now face is which bath bomb do I try first?…..



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