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Wellington Country Park

It was a sunny Saturday and we were feeling spontaneous and outdoorsy (if that’s even a word…). There’s a few parks and farms local to the Berkshire area and most were still offering reduced off-peak entry so we thought we’d try out Wellington country park

IMG_7756It’s about Β£10 per adult and free for the little ones with no parking charges. As Lola is only eight months old it seems silly to waste too much money on days out like this as she’s simply too young to fully enjoy all that a park has to offer. However on gorgeous days like this myself and hubby thought it was well worth it. This place is lovely!

The park is nestled in amongst a gigantic woodland and surrounds a beautiful lake. At the entrance is a cafe, shop and decent baby changing facilities. The staff were very attentive and welcoming. I can definitely see why local parents would invest in an annual pass.


The park doesn’t follow a certain route or design so you can pick and choose how and when you tackle the adventure playground and whether to take a leisurely stroll around the lake or try your hand at mini-golf. There’s plenty to-do so it’s easy to get your monies worth and wear out the older children. On warm days like this there’s also ample picnic spots and seating areas (although beware of the flies). 

My husband particularly enjoyed the Dinsosaur area which although random was clearly a hit with all the children we saw. It seems maybe dinosaurs aren’t as scary as they were twenty years ago. There’s a farm located towards the back of the park which was a nice addition and the animals looked very happy and chilled out. If you visit keep an eye out for the massive rabbit: its ridiculous! 

There’s usually a train ride operating which was being completely refurbished whilst we were there so we couldn’t try this out (guess there’s a reason for the off-peak ticket price).

Overall we absolutely loved our family day out at Wellington country park and will definitely be returning. 


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