Baby & Me

Bye Bye Easter Bunny!

Easter is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Believed to be a religious and important time of the year that it warrants not one bank holidays but two! Yes every year the UK as well as many other countries gives workers two days off ‘Good Friday’ and ‘Easter Monday’.

This information I’m sure isn’t new to you and is probably if I’m honest completely taken for granted. On paper it’s quite img_7758remarkable that in the 21st century we’re still given these days off with no question. Of course the same could be said for the Christmas holidays but for Easter as well!

As an atheist I’m not a believer in the supposed story that Easter stems from however I am a believer in eating as much chocolate as physically possible. I’m thrilled every year to have the extra two chocolate days to indulge and explore all that Cadburys and Galaxy have to offer. (Other brands are available obviously but often not featured in the deals or BOGOF)img_7759

It saddens me that certain chocolate treats are only available at this time of year (Creme eggs, mini eggs…) so it’s important for us to treasure and appreciate them whilst we can. 

This blog post might not be egg-straordinary and no I’m not cracking up. This doesn’t make for egg-cellent conversation or egg-citing reading but omelettin’ this slide. 

In all seriousness I hope everyone had a great long weekend off, we very much enjoyed having an extra few days off with Daddy and catching up with some friends. It’s crazy to think Summer is only around the corner… better start that egg-ercise if I’m going to get my bikini body (hmmm maybe just one Creme egg…)


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