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Our new garden

When we bought our house back in 2011 the garden was always the last thing on our mind. At the time almost all the rooms needed a complete refurb so the garden was last on the to-do list.

We have a very awkward outdoor space which is fairly common with any terraced house. Being located near a hill means our garden is also at quite an incline making it difficult to know where to start should we decide to tackle this mammoth task ourselves.

The garden had been left untouched for years even before we got the keys. The plants were overgrown, fence was falling apart and amount of concrete and slabs used looked so harsh and cold. Our old garden was spread across three different levels and just had a very outdated, uninspiring feel. Even on a gorgeous summers evening our garden just didn’t look appealing and with spring around the corner it was time to invest a little money and have our garden transformed into a child-friendly space for Lola and a place my husband and I could also enjoy.

We had thought about trying to fix the garden ourselves; starting with a full blitz of all plant life and taking up all the levels to begin a new decking space…but this was such a big task and something we just weren’t equipped or skilled to do. Most gardens allow for personal upkeep and changes but this garden was far too complicated. With the hill and neighbouring walls and groundwork to consider this would need to be done professionally.

We contacted Rich Green Gardens for a consultation and quote back in January. Our specification was to have the space cleared, changed to two levels, a new fence and to create an easy to maintain/child friendly garden. We were really unsure what would even be possible with such an awkward landscape and no back access so we were very open to suggestions and ideas. Luckily Rich had plenty of experience with this type of outdoor space and took no time to assess the levels and restrictions we faced to propose a few designs and recommendations depending on our budget.

Our intention was to transform the garden for us to use currently but also to add value to our house in the long term. We went ahead with Rich’s design plan which would begin middle of March.

After nine days the garden was complete. I had been a little anxious before work began due to all the clearance having to go IMG_7578through the house and with myself being on maternity leave. But I needn’t have worried. The work was carried out by Tomas who was so lovely and definitely the strongest and most hard-working person I’ve ever met. I felt comfortable enough to leave Tomas at home most days as having a young baby to entertain would’ve been hard to do amongst noise and mess.

We’re so incredibly pleased with the final outcome and are looking forward to spending time with Lola in our new garden. We couldn’t recommend Rich Green Gardens enough. If you’re local to the Reading/Berkshire area and thinking of tackling your garden or perhaps fancy a new decking or fencing; definitely get in contact with Rich to see whether your outdoor space can be brought to life like ours has.Β 

Thanks again Rich, Tomas & Jake.





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