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Kiddylicious Snack review #AD

The lovely team at Tescos recently contacted asking for a review on their latest baby/toddler snacks. 


Lola is seven months old so we received a few options from the Kiddylicious range to try out. Lola has only in the last few weeks started to have solid finger foods such as toast and sandwiches so it was the ideal time to give these snacks a go.

All the snacks have great nutritional information displayed on the packaging making it easy to see exactly what your baby is consuming. I was very impressed with the ingredients used and being lactose/gluten free with no added sugar. (They’re probably better than most snacks I would choose to eat myself).

We received so many flavours and textures for Lola to chew,suck and squish. Each one works well as a snack whilst out and about or as an extra little something if Lola is still a little hungry (which is always).


The fruit puffs are similar to a Wotsit crisp so were a little more unusual for Lola to hold at first but she soon became accustomed to the shape and before long completely covered herself in the powder that each puff is covered in. Some flavours are less messy than others. 


The wafers were the best snack in my opinion, very easy to break off and give out. The non-resealable packaging does mean that once a packet is open it really needs to be eaten that day (there’s no way Lola would eat a whole bag of fruit puffs) so that’s a little annoying. The wafers only come in packs of two so could easily be consumed over the course of one day.

The other product was the Ha-Pea snaps which are essentially pea flavoured crisp-like snacks in the shape of a pod. These looked great and come in the same style packaging and format, however Lola just did not like the taste. We gave every snack and flavour a fair-go but this one just wasn’t happening.

Overall the Kiddylicious range of snacks were amazing and I will definitely be purchasing them in the future and look forward to trying the other snacks available to Lola as she gets older.

You can find The Kiddylicious snacks at most Tesco supermarkets or online. Look out for the great offers and discounts available so you can stock up your cupboards.


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