Baby & Me

Spring forward!

Its officially Spring! The clocks have gone forward, the days are warmer and the evenings are brighter. This is my favourite time of year. It’s so lovely to feel that warm sunshine on your face once again, to remember what it was like to not be freezing or worry if you’ve packed the rain cover for the pram and if Lola has enough layers on.

This burst of fresh spring air excites me and makes me so happy for the rest of my maternity leave. Not sure if it’s the vitamin D talking but I feel so much more alive. It’s truly ridiculous how much a few days of sunshine can effect my mood and outlook on life. I think I was made for the warmer months, I’ve never much liked being cold and during a rainstorm and freezing temperatures it can be quite depressing.

Its April soon which is crazy, Lola will be eight months old. This time last year I was knee deep in a bag of mini eggs eating my body weight in creme eggs and occasionally treating myself to a whole tub of Ben & Jerrys (Peanut buttercup – I don’t mess around). This year couldn’t be any different.

We’ve already been blessed with a few lovely sunny days this month and I’ve enjoyed every second. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, a walk by the river and days out with other mummies; we’ve been making the most of it. Spring has me excited for day trips, feeding the ducks, picnics, BBQ’s and that inevitable spring-clean which feels me with dread but is so rewarding and fun once you get started.


Bring on skirts, dresses, short sleeve tshirts and lighter jackets….oooooo and cute little sandals and flip flops. I’m talking about Lola of course. I need to lose another stone before I’ll feel comfortable enough to show more of my pale skin I think. But that’s a whole other blog post in itself.Β 

Spring and Summer this year will be amazing whether the sun is shining or not because I’ll get to spend it with the most beautiful little lady in the world, our Lola.



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