Baby & Me

Our windy weekend in Cornwall

We decided to take a trip to St Ives in Cornwall for my husbands birthday weekend. I’d never been this far south before so was interested to visit and enjoy all that Cornwall had to offer. Our trip was at the beginning of March so the weather didn’t look great before setting off that Friday morning.

Sure enough it absolutely chucked it down. The first two hours of our journey were pretty awful and quite scary at times on the motorway (Luckily I wasnt driving). Oh by the way our total journey time was expected to take just under 4 and a half hours! We planned the drive well, leaving just after Lola’s breakfast and missing the pre 9am traffic. We stopped about half way at Taunton Deane services (Terrible, dont recommend – Small, dirty and very hot for some reason?). After stopping the weather started to clear up as we came off the motorway and continued down the A30 (longest road in the world!).

Finally we saw a sign to St Ives as the sun made an appearance. It was perfect timing. The sun was shining as we pulled up to our apartment which was only a short walk from the beach in Carbis Bay. We unloaded the car and settled ourselves in – we were shattered. Lola had been so well behaved during the long journey and she was bursting with energy. After playing Lola and I changed into comfy pyjamas ready for dinner. It felt only right being so close to the sea to feed Lola fish for the first time (Ella’s Kitchen Fish Pie) whilst Daddy had ventured out in the storm to get us fish and chips. 

Saturday morning we were joined by my husbands parents and set off for a day out in St Ives. Being brave/stupid we decided not to get the train but to embark on the coastal walk (only 25minutes they said!?) bloody stupid idea!!! It is definitely not pram friendly, mostly uphill and very muddy. Once we’d climbed down the steps or awkwardly shaped rocks we stumbled (and I mean stumbled!) across the Porthminster Cafe where we took shelter from the rain and indulged in a rather lovely lunch. I say indulged because this place is a little more pricey than I’m used to but the food was delicious. (However it is NOT BABY/DISABLED FRIENDLY so wouldn’t really recommend if I’m honest)

After lunch we casually walked around St Ives harbour and the cute little lanes and side streets. The view was amazing and there were lots of little eateries and sweet shops (We may have eaten some fudge…oops Diet starts on Monday). You could imagine during the warmer months St Ives being so busy so it was nice to explore at our own pace and not feel too overwhelmed. All this sea air was getting to us so by 4pm it was time to head back (on the train!) I was ready for my bed.

Sunday it was Daddy’s birthday! Dan’s mum decorated our apartment and had a cake ready (who doesn’t like chocolate cake for breakfast?). The weather was looking very unsettled but we ploughed on through with a fun-filled day to a fishing village IMG_7158called Mousehole. On the drive there we stopped at St Michaels Mount which is beautiful, then on through Penzance arriving at the cutest little village. We drove all the way down to the harbour-side and parked up in glorious sunshine. I cannot explain how the weather works in Cornwall; it’s like you experience all four seasons in one day- bizarre. We celebrated Dan’s birthday with an incredible lunch at The Ship Inn  (Recommend! Portion size is such good value for money, you will not be disappointed). After lunch we ventured down to the beach and larked about like idiots in the sunshine. It was the perfect afternoon and the views were breathtaking.


There’s no denying that Cornwall is effortlessly stunning and well worth exploring. We were very lucky with the weather but would probably go again in the spring/late summer to try and miss the crowds but be able to enjoy the evenings more. Lola was an absolute darling which helped us enjoy a pretty much stress free weekend away. It was lovely spending quality time together as a family and only encourages us to try and book another adventure as soon as we can.




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