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Packing for Lola’s first UK holiday

We’re off to Cornwall for a long weekend! We spontaneously booked a few days away for my husbands birthday and this will be Lola’s first proper holiday. Of course travelling with a seven month old wasn’t going to be easy or light. Preparation is key to ensure we have everything we need to look after her and to keep her happy in her daily routine as much as we can. 

I started writing a list of everything we’d need for three nights away and it’s ridiculous! If we’d been going on a flight I’d seriously need to pay for extra luggage allowance. How does one little baby require so much stuff. I’ve detailed below everything we packed and hope that some of you might find this helpful.

I’m hoping this blog post may help with your packing dilemma and I’ll also be using it for future trips so I don’t completely lose myself amongst nappies and suitcases.



The best place to start is to lay out any bags/suitcases and backpacks so you know what you have in terms of carrying abilities. (This is when your bag-for-life is going to come in handy). Trust me you might end up using all those spare shopping bags you have hoarded in your kitchen. The trick is to pack sensibly to you can first of all lift it without breaking your back and second of all so it’s organised. The idea being that should you need anything during your travel or as soon as you get there you can pin-point exactly which bag it’s in and it also helps once you arrive to organise everything in your new location effectively. 

Get an idea of what things will fill and work in the bags you have and how this will squeeze in your car or when carrying if using public transport. There’s no point in writing a long list and gathering things if it’s impossible to physically take with you.


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. The best course of action to avoid forgetting anything your baby might need is writing a list. In your mind work through your daily routine of what you use and how you use it, perhaps start writing this days before you go and keep adding to it. Split your packing list into sections. TRAVEL, DAYTIME, FEEDING, NIGHTIME & CLOTHING Depending on how long you’re going away for and where you’re going you may or may not need some vital things.


It’s so worth checking out your accommodation beforehand to confirm what is already provided. Whether it’s a caravan, hotel, villa or you’re visiting friends/family there might be products available for you to use or hire. Quite often travel cots, high chairs and even prams are either complimentary or an optional extra when booking hotels these days. Also if you’re travelling in the UK think about the little things like babymilk, food, nappies, wipes…chances are there will be a shop nearby so you needn’t bother emptying your kitchen at home.


When we’re going away we like to organise our handbag/backpack and put aside what we’ll be wearing. A baby is no different. Make sure to get the changing bag ready with all the daily essentials plus any extras needed for perhaps a long day and lay out a specific outfit (comfy and loose) to throw on them before leaving. This way you know your little one is good-to-go even if you’re having a drama whilst trying to close that suitcase.


Try not to get wrap up in what your baby needs and packing the endless bags. Make sure to give yourself time to do the same. Assuming you’re going on this trip you’re probably going to need to bring a few bits. Chill out and get yourself sorted and ready. Set aside some time to pack your things and actually get excited about your plans. In terms of the day of travel-preparation is key. If you’re leaving early then shower the night before and I’m sure the makeup and hair can wait if you’re going to be travelling. Just be comfortable and happy.



  • car seat (blankets/toys)
  • Pram (blankets, toys, rain cover, footmuff, umbrella, sun-shade)
  • Carrier/sling


  • changing bag & mat
  • Nappies (6 per day)
  • Wipes
  • Nappy sacks
  • Medicines- teething gel, calpol, cough medicines, thermometer, sudocream, nappy rash cream. Red book?
  • Nail clippers, baby scissors, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush & accessories if needed
  • Bath products – cotton wool, sponge, shampoo, lotion, bodywash
  • Toys – play mat….img_7010


  • Bottles (pre-sterilised?)
  • Steriliser (bringing or not?), bottle washing equipment
  • Bibs
  • Bowls, plates, spoons
  • High chair
  • Baby food
  • Baby milk


  • Travel cot (bed sheet, blankets, gro-bags, swaddles?)
  • Bed time toys, books. Sleeping aids
  • Bath towel


  • Sleepsuits/pyjamas (one per night plus spare)
  • Sleep vests ( one per day plus spare)
  • Day outfits (one per day plus spare)
  • Muslins, dribble bibs
  • Socks, shoes, tights, hats, gloves
  • Outerwear Coats, cardigans, fleece, rain jacket
  • Extra items – wellies, swimsuit, swimming aids, swimming bag

I’ve probably forgotten a few things but this should cover most areas. Wow babies do not travel light.

Thanks for reading.


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