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Summer Loving Baby Clothing haul

So we’ve started to experience a few warmer days here in the UK and the sun is shining more lately. This combined with the fact I can now indulge in a few cocktails; makes me very excited for Summer.

Now whilst I’m currently facing a daily battle with losing weight to feel comfortable in less clothing, Lola on the other hand is going to look so adorable in summer dresses and little shorts (those chubby legs need to be on show). I completely understand that it’s February and spring hasn’t technically sprung yet but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of organisation or preparation with your little ones wardrobes…. is there? 

I could ramble on about my unhealthy obsession with buying Lola’s clothes but instead I thought it would be fun to share some of my recent purchases from Matalan, Tescos and Asda. (Is this not an AD, everything has been paid for by myself)



 This range is adorable, they also have on sale matching bibs, headbands and other items in the same colours and pattern. I might buy more but had to stop at just these for now.


 Lovely set of matching vests and shorts for any really hot summer days.



I had to buy this playsuit, I used to have an outfit just like it and it will look so cute in the summer time. The white sandals will also go with lots of outfits and will hopefully stay on her feet. (£4.00)

Asda (George)


I couldnt resist this yellow floral dress. We have a wedding coming up this summer so this dress will be perfect. An absolute bargain at £8!

Lola now has quite a lot of yellow clothes for spring/summer so I also picked up the cutest yellow cardigan for those chillier days. (£7.00)


Carrying on with the yellow theme I found this three-pack of t-shirts (£7) and matching leggings (£6). These colours and pastel shades are definitely on trend right now as everywhere seems to have them for this season. I also picked up a lovely two-piece set (£6) and a pair of jeggings (£4). Lola looks great in a pair of jeans so I tend to buy her one or two pairs for each age group. These ones from Asda are great and wash up very well.

Tescos (F&F)


These purchases ended up in my trolley by accident (why is it so hard to just keep to the food aisles?!) I picked up another pair of jeans (£4), really soft and stretchy. So course all babies need some sleep vests, this 5-pack (£6.50) is adorable and will go perfectly under outfits or as a top tucked into leggings/jeans and shorts when its hot. These cat pyjamas (£6.50) caught my eye before heading to the till, Lola tends to wear a sleep-suit to bed but I’ve bought these for the Autumn/Winter time when it will be colder.

It’s tuly ridiculous how much I enjoy buying Lola’s clothes, my spending habits are so different now I’m a mum. I hardly ever buy anything for myself if I’m honest. Its so hard to resist buying baby things especially when they’re reasonably priced and available in your local supermarket. I hope you enjoyed this clothing haul and that you maybe feel inspired to get your little one some new bits for when the sun is shining.


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