Baby & Me

World Book Day 2017

Today is world book day and we decided to have some fun and dress up even though Lola’s seven months old. Why the hell not!? So what if  she’s not really doing much today, we’re going to head into town and look around the shops and go for a nice lunch with her Auntie and Grandma. She probably won’t read a book but I couldn’t resist getting involved.

World book day started back in 1995 and is a great way of getting kids interested in their books and stories from a young age. Most book retailers also have special offers on too.

Lola (rather I) decided to dress up as Snow White. The outfit is from George at Asda.

There’s plenty of options for fancy dress baby wear. Asda had a few choices for a reasonable price. Maybe when Lola’s older I might try my hand at making a costume from scratch but I was pretty chuffed with this outfit.

If only she had more hair she would look just like Snow White I reckon (Look at those arms!)

Once upon a time there lived a little princess called Lola who just loved drinking milk and pulling Mummy’s hair…

I’m not counting this as a real blog post to be honest, there’s not much to write about – I just really wanted to share these pictures and have the memories captured somewhere.


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