Before Baby

First Midwife appointment & having a private scan

Oh my gosh I’m going to burst. How can I know something so amazing and exciting and not scream it from the rooftops?!

On one hand I wanted to tell everyone and talk about having a baby with anyone and everyone until I’m blue in the face. On the other hand it’s not wise to tell people too early on just in case something happens. Even the doctor suggested waiting a few months. Plus it’s kind of nice keeping this hush hush for now so that no one interferes or bursts our little bubble.

We discovered we were pregnant mid November so it made perfect sense to tell family and friends over Christmas. My husband and I were adamant from the beginning that under no circumstances would we plaster the news all over social media. (Those people who share a pregnancy scan – you know who you are! Hate that) The joys of Facebook and Instagram can bring about positivity and spread the word but can also be quite damaging to any privacy you may have, it screams ‘give me attention!’ and just isn’t the way we wanted to tell people. We wanted to make the news very personal and special, including only those closest to us rather than the whole world.

We had decided to wait for Christmas however this meant I’d only be roughly nine weeks pregnant so not quite the recommended 12 weeks and also too early for an ultrasound. We would have liked to wait the twelve weeks before announcing but there was no way of keeping this a secret whilst surrounded by prosecco, Camembert, mulled wine and my uncontrollable urge to eat all the chocolate in the Quality street tin.

First Midwife Appointment

Your first official midwife appointment is ‘The Booking appointment’ this is usually when you’re 6-8 weeks pregnant and takes place at your local GP surgery. I had mine on the 9th December and decided to go on my own. I had heard that this appointment was very long and boring so I didn’t want hubby to waste the afternoon off work. (Glad we made that decision because it was boring and not at all interesting). During the hour long session I met with a midwife and her trainee assistant (It was nice to meet with a midwife for the first time – however I never actually saw this particular midwip1060112-largefe again) she did the usual urine sample and blood pressure check (These are standard for every midwife appointment) and we began to fill in a very long questionnaire. This is basically the start of the official paperwork to register you as pregnant, gain as much information about yourself and the father aspossible, weight, family history, mental well-being and relationship at home/domestic life. They also did a blood test which I’d never had before but was surprisingly okay and didn’t hurt at all. At the end of the session I was given ‘The Bounty Pack’ (Free samples, leaflets and pregnancy booklet), my maternity notes and booked in my next midwife visit in eight weeks time. Now I was officially registered as pregnant I was able to call my local hospital a few days later to book in our 12 week ultrasound.

There was no way we could’ve waited until the 14th January for a scan, we were desperate to see our baby to give us peace of mind and also I guess to see it in real life. It seems silly but even after knowing your pregnant for several weeks it still doesn’t feel real. We’d heard of a few companies that offer private scans and tests when you’re expecting and although expensive they’re great for anyone apprehensive or nervous who are seeking more extensive testing than the NHS offers and also amazing for impatient couples like us. We booked a ‘Dating scan’ for the 22nd December at 10:45am at Future Babies in town, this was a 2D scan where they also took measurements of our baby to determine the gestation more accurately.Β 

Our Private Scan

The morning of the scan we were so excited. You’re told to ensure you have a full bladder when attending so I was bouncing around all morning determined not to disappoint and also trying to not wee myself. I cannot describe that moment you see your baby on the screen for the first time. It’s magical. My bump was only slight at this point but you could see a definite little tag-pole like creature growing, a heart beep and movements. Twenty minutes later and Β£79 poorer we scrolled out of the room delighted with ourselves.


Only three days until Christmas and we now had proof that a miracle was growing inside me. This was going to be the best Christmas surprise our parents and family would get this year. I couldn’t wait until that morning we would let everyone in on our little secret.Β 

My husband suggested recording their reactions when they were told especially my mum. But when it came to it we just wanted to live the moment and enjoy the excitement with them. I had written out a Christmas Card with Grand-parents on the front and enclosed one of our prints of the scan. A very special moment that we’ll never forget. In hindsight we should have waited until dinner was finished as I think my mum struggled to concentrate after receiving the news. Bless her.

If you’re considering a private scan and live in the Reading/Berkshire area we’d recommend visting FUTURE BABIES.



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