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Best Baby purchases. Must-Haves

Following on from my last blog it seems only sensible to list our best baby buys and the products we couldn’t have lived without in the last six months.

During the first few weeks of parenthood of course no one really knows what to do, when to do it and how to use all these bloody baby things. Trust me you’ll never have spent so much on batteries, have vast amounts of cardboard filling your recycling bin and not have enough time to read those manuals/instructions prior to use.

I’ve put together a list of products that have worked for us and some that we’re continuing to use even now that Lola’s six months. Some of these are an absolute life-saver and I would recommend buying asap if you don’t already have one.

Night-time products

Ewan the Dream SheepThis little furry guy is a god-send! We started using him when Lola was justΒ  few weeks old and he seemed to work most times to soothe her to sleep during the first 10minutes in her cot. Whether its nap-time or her night-time sleep this guy works like a ‘Dream’ (..pardon the pun..) 2c948f22-250c-443e-aa2f-60ce39f45f90

Mothercare Hyde CribWe didn’t bother with a moses basket or a ‘Sleepy Head’. We went for a cheap and cheerful crib that would fit in our bedroom next to us. This crib ticked all the boxes (size, price, comfort, easy-to-build) and worked very well in our opinion. Lola slept in this for about 4 months until we moved her into her own room but would probably have been suitable for another few months (Truth be told, we wanted our bedroom back to ourselves, tip-toeing to get a drink or go to the toilet gets boring very quickly).

The Gro EggThis digital thermometer and night-light is perfect. Its a great little gadget that can sit near your babys cot whilst sleeping and provides a small amount of light (great for sneaking a peek) and also gives you an idea of how warm your baby might be, thus helping you decide on what to dress them in and/or whether blankets, swaddling or gro-bags are required.We bought a penguin accessory to go on top and keep it switched on all the time to keep the room at a suitable temperature so Lola can play and nap comfortable. The light changes colour to indicate when its too cold (Blue) or hot (Red).

Slumber BuddyThese come in many different styles and animals but a light-up and melodic toy is a great addition if your baby struggles to sleep. We have the Bumble Bee and after messing around trying out different settings, songs and colours; we’re now able to turn this little gadget on when Lola’s lying in her cot and it entertains her enough to keep her quiet whilst sending her to sleep. Its a great way of helping to train your baby to self-soothe. Also works for us should they wake up in the night. We quietly walk into the room, turn the bumble bee (And Ewan the sheep) on and let them do the work. They might not work everytime but its our first port of call nowadays.

Day-time products

Changing mat & boxWe bought both of ours from the ‘Bear and Friends’ Mothercare range but all makes and styles do the job. Every parent needs a designated spot to change their baby. We found having a space where the mat was always out and ready alongside a box full of all the essentials works amazing for us. The box is a great way to hide all those products in a cute way but having them right there should you need anything. I keep the nappies in the bottom so its easy to see when I need to re-stock. Every thing is wipe-able so your not worried about opening a draw with poo on your hand. We may need to re-think this when Lola’s older as she maybe at risk of falling off the changing area but for now this works for us.

Aldi Baby ChangingWe cannot recommend Aldi’s range of baby products enough. At the beginning I indulged in a few packs of Pampers and then experimented with Asda, Boots, Morrisons and all the rest. Aldi’s are honestly the best – Value for money, fit well and do the job. We have been using their nappies, wipes and nappy sacks since Lola was about 2 months old and will only be buying Aldi’s from now on. TOP TIP: Buy nappies and wipes in bulk boxes/bigger packs so they’re even cheaper and look out for their Baby Events in store.

Sit Me Up CosyThis little gem was given as a gift and it just keeps giving. It worked so well when Lola was first born as an extra sleep space. We could move this around the house with us so she always had somewhere comfortable to lay. It also turns into a circular play area for when they’re learning to sit unaided and we now use as a cushioning space behind her just in case she wants to lean back. Giving you peace of mind when leaving a baby to play whilst tackling all that washing-up and/or ironing. The cover also detaches so can be used as a floor mat on its own. We purchased the bear design but there’s a few different ones to choose from.

Tummy time rolling toyThis soft cylinder shaped toy has so much to offer and helped Lola enjoy tummy time a lot more. img_6926

Baby book Lola has two of these noisy, textured books and she absolutely loves them. Couldn’t live without this toy.


Play-mat/gymThis item can be as cheap as you like or ultra expensive. They ultimately all do the same thing. Offering your baby a soft and comfortable area to lay on with toys hovering over them. Helps them to learn to reach out and touch new textures, hear new sounds and will keep your little one entertained for a short time. We purchased a cheap Bright Starts one from Asda.

Feeding time

Tommee Tippee sterliserWe purchased this on offer and has worked very well for us. I’m sure there’s plenty of different brands and methods you can use but this is one we have and we use it everyday with no problems. Easy to use, easy to clean and came with bottles, powder pots, brushes and teats so was a bargain.

Tomme Tippee Prep machine We were very unsure on this purchase. We’d heard good things but a few closer friends and relatives convinced us it was an unesseary gadget and a waste of money. BUY THIS NOW!! Our lives would not have been half as easy if we didnt buy this. Our only regret was that we didnt buy this sooner.


Hopefully this list gives any expectant/new parents an idea of what products are worth investing in and helps you shorten that baby checklist thats ever growing.

TOP TIP: Buy everything on offer. Every baby product will inevitably be reduced or on promotion at some point. Wait it out and buy when the price is more appealing. Your kick yourself if you don’t.


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