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Prosecco & Painting the town…

Last Saturday was the first night away from Lola in a few months. Truth be told I had been looking forward to this for weeks, pretty much since Christmas.

We dropped Lola off at her grandparents late morning and drove back to a quiet and calm house. The stress was lifted and we were officially baby-less for the next 24 hours. We did what any modern parents would do and spent probably the first thirty minutes on our phones in silence catching up on a bit of ‘life admin’: Facebook, Twitter, News…. etc. After that social moment was over we set to work. Taking our clothes off, unleashing the thrills that come with – Painting! We basically put on some old clothes, cleared out the dining room and painted the walls. This task has been on our to-do list for a long time but it never felt right to get our decorating skills on whilst Lola was in the house. We had a solid 5 hours before needing to get ready for ‘date night’ so we threw caution to the wind, dusted off those brushes and rollers from underneath the stairs and got to it.

Many hours later, feeling sore and achey we managed to find the strength to climb upstairs and shower. Not together obviously. Not because we wouldn’t fit or didn’t have the energy to recreate a sexy R Kelly music video but purely because we were covered in paint and actually ready needed a good scrub. This time on our own was really turning out to be the most unromantic and quite honestly exhausting experience and we hadn’t even gone out yet.

Six o’clock and I had less than fourty-five minutes to finish my hair, make-up, dress and be out of the door. Shit! Why is it when I’m with Lola I can be ready in 20mins but when I have a little more time I can literally take an hour to get ready. Ridiculous!

Taxi’s here. We arrived at Cozze just on time. Didn’t take us long to decide on sharing a bottle of prosecco and garlic bread. Glass in hand it was us-time. God it felt so good to be out; just the two of us. We had the evening to ourselves, who knows we might end up in a nightclub doing some shots like old times.

Of course we didn’t. Everyone knows that as soon as you get the chance to be without your baby all you really want to do is SLEEP. I used to hate sleeping when I was younger but as you become an adult you find that sleeping is actually fun, you want to do it all the time and for longer periods, maybe you’re treat yourself to a nap or just go back to sleep in the morning rather than get up just because you can.

The meal was delicious. We tried out a new Italian in town which was a delight. The service and food was top notch. My husbands Calzone was absolutely massive and very tasty. They even throw in a free Lemincello shot with the bill (nice touch). 

After filling our faces and drinking probably one toimg_6599o many glasses of Prosecco we decided to stroll back through town. Bad decision. It was minus three outside and me being stupid I wore only a thin coat (because it went with the outfit) no scarf and no hat. Freezing! We had to stop every few minutes in a bar to get warm, catch our breathe and have a cheeky drink, why not? Its date night. 

A few hours later we’d hit the wall. That threshold that all parents hit where you immediately need to be warm,in your pyjamas and asleep as soon as possible. Yes it was only just midnight and so what if the night was still young?! We’re not! We used to stay out til at least 2am but I think those days are over. But I really don’t mind. I actually prefer our lives now, we see more of the daytime and sunshine than we did before. These nights away from your baby are great to help reconnect with your partner, to relax and enjoy yourself but it also helps you reflect on your life and gives you time to miss them. Being on maternity leave I don’t really spend much time away from Lola so its nice to actually miss her. Silly really but true. 

If you’re local to the Reading area I’d highly recommend visiting Cozze Ristorante. They have two locations currently in Caversham-Reading and Woodley


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