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Baby sensory class is brilliant

So last week we started going to Hartbeeps. It’s a very popular baby class with the mums I know. Hartbeeps is a company that run baby sensory sessions that incorporate all matter of sounds, movements, lights and textures to help your baby develop, engage with others and more importantly have fun.

These classes are brilliant! From the moment the class started with the ‘Hello song’ Lola absolutely loved it. The session really does have so much to offer your little one. You can tell that all the babies are really interested and entertained throughout.

The highlight for me was when us adults lifted a sun-shaped fabric up and down over the babies, Lola’s face was hiliarious! Basically the babies lie down in the circle and us we lift a bright yellow sheet over them and sing a song. This is supposed to help her sensory development but the joy it brought to he little face was priceless.

Another part of the class was completely different. Dark, calm and chilled out. The lights were dimmed and twinkly lights shone with glitterly fabrics and touch lights to play with. The babies are encouraged to have some tunmy time and meet in the circle. Very cute!

There’s also some learning involved with introduction to farm animals and sounds and the alphabet too. This week Lola got to wear a chef’s hat and sang a baking song and hot-cross buns. All the songs used in the class are just adorable, our teacher Lucy (Really nice woman) helps bring out your inner child so us adults can belt out ‘Row your boat’ like an absolute lunatic and you just don’t care. The class is enjoyable for both baby and parent.

I was really impressed with how much these classes have to offer. Not only did Lola get involved with other babies (something they don’t get the chance to do very often) she learnt new songs, sounds and absolutely enjoyed the whole 45 minutes.

We’ve signed up to an entire term now (something I didnt see myself doing with any baby class to be honest as they can be expensive) so it will be interesting to see how the classes differ week by week and to meet up with the same parents and babies. So far we’re both loving it!

I cannot recommend HartBeeps enough. The class we attend is in Lower Earley, Reading; so if you’re local its worth trying out:  Earley Centre Point Youth Centre, Chalfont close, Lower Earley, Reading RG6 5HZ however they do also cover other areas of Berkshire. The company is run as a franchise so is operating across most of the UK too.

“Since 2003 Hartbeeps has been delivering its unique blend of original music classes and mini productions to 1000’s of babies and children. Challenging accepted definitions of ‘baby and toddler’ music classes; we create innovative, multi-sensory and highly interactive productions for the very young. By transforming everyday environments into colourful, tactile ‘wonderlands’ we invite our participants to join us in a world of the imagination. Using clever state of the art music production, original music composition, sound effects, songs and sound plays, lighting effects, innovative props and puppetry together with a vast array of multi-sensory techniques, we create original and highly specialised experiences for our young Hartbeepers”

We’ve signed up for 5 classes at Β£30. So 45minutes for Β£6 isn’t too bad.

Check them out for yourself as they also do parties and classes for other ages too:


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