Before Baby

Getting Pregnant

Once we’d decided to try for a baby or at least would like to start trying very soon the very first thing I looked into was coming off my contraceptive pill.Like a lot of women I had been on the pill since I was in secondary school from about 16 years old. I had tried several different ones in that time but used Cerazette for probably the last 4 years. Being on this particular pill meant I had to take one pill everyday and didn’t experience periods at all. So it was unclear when I was likely to be fertile.


I actually decided to stop taking my pill about a year before we started ‘trying’. We came back from holiday and I just stopped taking them; I wanted to allow my body to resort back to normality. Sounds strange but I wanted to have periods to know that my body was working properly and to give it time to be normal and free to perform as it naturally should before we try to conceive.
Anyway several months go by (using condoms when required) and if I’m honest life just got in the way. We booked some trips, had a wedding to go to; typically we protrastinated. We did everything but try to conceive. It was almost like we’d been given 12 month hall pass to live life to its potential (budget allowing obviously). I think subconsciously we knew that once we did hopefully conceive our lives might not be as fun, spontaneous and thrilling as they were currently. We wanted to have no regrets and go into parenthood as life fulfilled as possible.

It worked out well, we travelled, explored, went out-out: Really enjoyed ourselves. By August the trips we’d planned were almost over and the summer months were drawing to a close. We had one last hurrah in Berlin and then it was show-time.

Lets not put pressure on ourselves. We don’t need to worry too much. It will happen, when it happens. These are all things I should been saying but nope. I was fixtated, obsessed about doing this correctly and already working out due dates, star signs (not that i even believe in them). I used an app (Period Tracker app) that worked out my ovulation dates and that was it. Hubby was fully on board with task obviously (I mean who doesn’t want to have sex all the time anyway?).

I waited for one more period to happen and started to take folic acid tablets everyday. (This is recommended by the NHS to help with the early development of your baby and is supposed to be taken prior to conceiving up until the baby is 12 weeks old). I even stopped drinking alcohol as I was so very keen to not do anything to possibly jeopardize the babies health if conceived. 

The window of opportunity is very short. Your chances are increased when having sex on the day before, day of and day after ovulation. Lucky for us these dates occurred over a weekend so we had no excuses for being too tired or busy. 

Obviously creating a life can happen in many ways; by careful planning, pure chance and even mistake but each on in its own way is a miracle. I was so so lucky to conceive during the first month of trying and was fully prepared for it to be more of a struggle than it was. 

Unfortunately you’ll never know until you start trying….


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