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Deciding to donate Lola’s old baby clothes

Every day is exciting with a baby and a new day means a new outfit. Depending on the weather it’s the chance to drown your baby in that new sleep suit or dungaree set that doesn’t even come close to fitting them….but gosh don’t they look adorable?

Each outfit is a new photo opportunity; from Summer dresses and sun hats to Halloween and Christmas costumes. Of course there’s always that cute moment where they get to wear a coat for the first time or a pair of shoes or socks. 

It’s quite easy to take all these things for granted. Being so lucky to afford the luxury of having multiple outfit choices. There’s us moaning about the amount of washing that’s piling up when really our baby could easily live in a third of the amount of clothing but yet we choose to over-buy and spoil our new baby with every colour, pattern and design.

Trouble is as everyday goes on that vest or pair of flowery bottoms gets smaller or rather your baby gets bigger. So eventually week on week the clothes just don’t fit anymore. You may try to squeeze them into that pair of jeans or button up that cardigan but its inevitable that you’re baby will not be wearing that again. Get over it and move on!

What do you do with these clothes? Your first thought is to keep them, you’ve spent however much money of these things and probably didn’t even buy them that long ago. Seems silly to just get rid. Yes that’s what I’ll do I’ll keep them (Chuck out any soiled or faded items but keep the rest). Hmmmm….. where am I going to keep them!? Well I don’t have room really so maybe I’ll just keep the more expensive ones, M&S, BabyGap and John Lewis?? Oh but she really did look cute in that dress, no LETS KEEP THEM!

Oh now you’ve convinced yourself that the most sensible thing to do is keep them. You’ve gone to Argos to buy some vacuum bags for storage. You’ve decided that this weekend you’ll sort through this ever expanding pile of clothes, out them in the loft and continue this practice as your child grows.

Telling yourself that maybe you’ll have another baby, maybe it will be a girl again? What if my sister would like if she gets pregnant? Stupid thoughts on our head like What if Lola has children, she might want to reuse her clothing? The items have a sentimental value and can’t be given away willy nilly.

A few month go by and you realise Shit! this vacuum bag is massive and is only going to get cold and possibly damp in the loft but there’s just no where to put it. Your also going to need to start filling up another one soon once baby reaches the next milestone!! Am I being too materialistic and sensitive? Yes they’re worth money but are they worth keeping. I know LETS SELL THEM! 


So you trawl through EBay and look for similar baby clothing, working out roughly how much that second-hand M&S dungaree, t-shirt combo would get you. The buyer doesn’t know that Lola pooed all over it and or constantly dribbled down the front. It doesn’t take you long to realise that you’re really not going to earn much. By the time you’ve taken time to add photos, descriptions and gone through the rigmarole of packaging and posting its really not worth it, who has the time to do that and only make a couple of quid!? Well maybe I could do a Car-Boot? Although you have to pay a pitch fee and waste a whole Sunday potentially in the pouring rain or cold…mmm maybe not. LETS DONATE!

Now the above waffle may seem ridiculous but that really is pretty much the thought process I went through before arriving at the decision to donate. To give these items of clothing to people that really do need it. I’m not talking about dumping them in a clothing bank to go god knows where, I mean donating the clothes to people of serious need. Clothes to keep their babies warm or blankets and sheets to try them dry. I could have dropped them at my nearby charity shop but that sells everything and might be picked up by a savvy shopper or bargain hunter rather than someone in need.

So where did I donate?

j9UnYUngWe decide to donate all of Lola’s old clothes, blankets, bins, socks and shoes to ONE NATIONs Syrian appeal.

One Nation is a UK-based relief and development agency which has continued to support local and international relief projects to help improve lives.

Who are you fooling? Don’t store all these things away. That one cardigan sat in a draw or hidden away in the attic could keep a baby dry right now! It’s never too late to donate! 


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