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Hi….Only me

Well hello there. I’ve finally followed through with it and started my blog. Call it New Year spirit, a sudden lust for life or the recent rum & coke talking; I’ve thrown caution to theย wind and started writing. It’s 2017 and with a new year beginning it feels like the right time to start blogging. Albeit I may write this post, totally forget about it, lose my password and never write again. At least I can say I’ve blogged (sort of).ย 

I’m a twenty something year old mummy from Reading, Berkshire UK. In August last year I gave birth to my beautiful (obviously completely biased) daughter Lola. I’m currently living out the hell/delight that is maternity leave. My husband and I live in a small terraced house with our cat Coppell (Named after a football manager..don’t ask) We don’t have much but we are very happy inside our little bubble.

Whilst being pregnant I sought comfort in reading other young mothers accounts of pregnancy and parenthood online. I thought why can’t I do that too?


Sod it!

Even if nobody ever read the posts, I could use it as a diary or virtual memory box, something to look back on and reflect. Well that’s the idea anyway. As I said before it could all be over in a few weeks and last just as long as my post Christmas fitness regime. It may also take my attention away from online shopping in the January sales or staring downs the pages of the Daily Mail app at all of the celebrities that are far better looking and skinnier than me. ย Anyway I’m waffling now…

Lets give it a whirl and get cracking.ย 

Ready…Steady….. BLOG!!!


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