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Watson Weaning: 4 – 6 months

Okay so weaning is a slow and steady process. This first stage is really just introducing tastes and skills so try not to stress yourself and have fun.

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Baby & Me

Cream tea & Devon by the sea

Last Sunday we’d just returned from a lovely family break to Devon and Cornwall. We were lucky enough to be invited to a wedding in Ilfracombe so it seemed like the perfect excuse to visit the in-laws in Devon and enjoy a few extra days all together.

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Before Baby

First Trimester & 12 week scan

So if you’re not familiar with pregnancy stages and scans, a pregnancy (at least here in the UK) is split into three. A pregnancy is usually up to 42 weeks in length depending on when your baby arrives. Each ‘trimester’ is usually determined by a 12-14 week period from conception. Every trimester is very different for the mother and baby.

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